1Soils and Grains

Columbro pasta starts life in the fertile, healthy soils that nourish the various seeds in their fields. Indeed, the grains selected by Pastificio Columbro are only grown in soil that respects the sowing cycle of each season. This is because while the earth nourishes every plant, these plants in turn nourish the soil they grow in.

All the land selected by Pastificio Columbro is farmed by real people who believe strongly in the authenticity and goodness of the produce that nature offers us.

The farmers who grow the grains selected by the pasta-making company do not use chemicals to increase their yields and they follow every stage in the production cycle: from sowing the seeds to harvest, from selection of the best grains used for excellent flours, through to storage in their own silos.

Whether it is a field of spelt in the colourful provinces of Umbria, or Khorasan from the vast Canadian plains, or durum wheat from the hills around Fano… the only “fertilisers” in wheat fields, the real progenitors of the flour that ends up in Columbro quality pasta, are the seeds of the plants from other growing seasons.

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