• 1972 – Our origins. “Iris. Egg pasta”

    Nicola Acrisio Columbro was a sales rep, constantly travelling on business. He was a man with a thousand ideas and two passions: his family and his wife Iris’ homemade pasta. The best moment in his day was when he came home to his children around the table and a plate of his favourite pasta.
    Iris Ghiandoni’s grandmother had taught her how to prepare traditional handmade pasta as a little girl. This rolled out pasta was, as per tradition in the Marche and Romagna regions, porous, flavoursome and, above all, thin. It was the result of plenty of “mattra and matarell” (the dresser where the dough was rolled out and the rolling pin, in local dialect), but also of long bike rides to collect the naturally organic ingredients of that era. Indeed, Iris was well aware that quality pasta was always the result of flour ground directly by the wheat field owners and natural wholesome eggs from a local trusted farmer.
    This was how, during one family Sunday lunch, Nicola Acrisio Columbro decided he had to leave his job to devote himself completely to his passions. It was 1972 when the first Pastificio Columbro shop, “Iris – Egg Pasta”, opened under their home. It had one simple important rule: “All our products must be good enough to be eaten by my children”

  • 1977 – Organic. “San.Ri”

    Just a few years later, Columbro set out for Bologna. He had heard about San.Ri, an association that distributed macrobiotic products that felt the need to offer its target customers completely organic, healthy, natural pasta; in short top quality pasta with total respect for human wellbeing, healthy eating and the environment.
    The San.Ri philosophy aimed at raising awareness of organic produce, a term that, until then, had not been so well known or widespread. And Nicola Acrisio Columbro, owner of a pasta-making company that had always only used ingredients in line with the vision of the San.Ri brand, offered to become an artisan pasta workshop using only organically farmed durum-wheat flour and eggs.
    The art and tradition of homemade pasta using naturally organic ingredients were already the cornerstones of this company in Fano. Columbro’s other winning idea was a new line of pasta made by the skilled hands of his wife, Iris Ghiandoni. After more than thirty years of popularity and constant growth throughout Italy and Europe, the San.Ri brand of organic pasta has become to all intents and purposes the property of Pastificio Columbro.

  • 1982 – From shop to workshop. New premises for Pastificio Columbro.

    In less than a decade, the goodness and popularity of Iris products – Egg pasta and San.Ri organic pasta started to create word of mouth and an influx of clients that went far beyond the capacities of busy hands, with rolling pin and board in the small workshop available to Iris Ghiandoni.
    This made it necessary to move the pasta making of Pastificio Columbro from under their home to larger premises.
    The new 600m² workshop finally allowed Columbro homemade pasta to reach the homes of more people. The passion, ideas and tastes of Nicola Columbro finally reached the tables of families who, with every forkful of Columbro pasta, savoured the goodness and flavours of the past.
    Even if they were now in bigger premises, the artisanship and genuineness of this special pasta remained absolutely the same. Similarly the secrets of Columbro pasta remained intact, happily passed down by a smiling proud Iris, to young housewives (like her, already familiar with the art of thinly rolled pasta, fully respecting the tradition in the Marche and Romagna region).

  • 1995 – In Europe. “Bontà di Fattoria”

    The quality and genuineness of San.Ri organic pasta and Iris – Egg pasta was distributed by sales points all over Italy. The thinly rolled pasta, together with organic ingredients and a high-quality artisan production process became a must for egg pasta.
    The first requests orders arrive from outside Italy from customers whose palates were very curious about the Italian product best known around the world, but not yet accustomed to the real flavour of egg pasta. Until that point, Columbro pasta dough had usually been made with 7 to 8 eggs per kilo of flour, in true pasta-making tradition. The equivalent today of 33%. But after many trips to Europe, they realised that the foreign target preferred a lighter kind of egg pasta, softer and more balanced than the traditional Italian version.
    From this came the idea of creating a line of pasta with a lower percentage of eggs in the dough, which gave birth to Bontà di Fattoria, the new Columbro brand: artisan pasta with 20% natural wholesome eggs, ideal for palates that appreciate rich, tasty sauces.
    Initially conceived for the foreign market, it became another quality alternative to the historic, traditional Iris – Egg pasta. Just a few months later with orders growing, Pastificio Columbro extended its workshop to 1200 sqm.

  • 2000 – Not just eggs. “Columbro. Le Specialità Italiane”

    Towards the end of the nineties, after years of intensive research into flour, eggs, flavours and prototypes of technologies that might best translate the artisanship of Iris’ traditional pasta, Nicola Acrisio Columbro was driven by the same passion as ever to start the new millennium with a huge ambitious project. He wanted to maintain the uniqueness that made quality pasta stand out and express it in a wide range of imaginative ingredients and types.
    This was the birth of “Columbro. Le Specialità Italiane”.
    More than 100 types included short and long pasta, egg pasta, baby pasta, and special pasta with truffles, mushrooms, saffron, orange, lemon, cuttlefish ink…
    More than 10 different kinds of flour including durum wheat, spelt, khorasan, Senatore Cappelli, timilia and many other types of 100% organic flour.
    A food-production plant was designed and patented with the help of industry experts for tagliatelle (ribbon pasta). This 30 metres of technology did not heat the dough, thus creating a process totally similar to artisan production. The workshop was extended to the 4000m² needed for filling the tables and delighting palates all over Europe, including Switzerland, Spain, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany and the UK…
    Because when “All our products must be good enough to be eaten by my children”, you can feel all the passion and tradition of Pastificio Columbro products.

  • 2014 – Not just pasta. 1800 Pregiata Dimora.

    1800 Pregiata Dimora is where the excellences and typical foods from the Metauro Valley in the province of Pesaro and Urbino find their ideal dimension. Jams, preserves, sauces, creams, creamed soups. A journey of simple, rich flavours with the typical flavour of ingredients cultivated with care and without any pesticides or disenfestants.
    Since the beginning Pastificio Columbro has emphasised the quality and genuineness of the ingredients of every single one of its products. This very recent line of Metauro specialities pays homage to the flavours of the past, a range of local delicacies in tiny glass jars, with no added preservatives, acidifiers or colorants.
    Because after more than 40 years of stubborn conviction of the added value deriving from genuine raw materials and the artisanship of tradition, Pastificio Columbro is still translating its philosophy into products of excellence.