After many hours of production and almost two days of well-deserved rest, each type of pasta arrives at the packaging stage. This stage is the last, because it comes after all the other production processes, but is by no means the least because utmost care and attention are involved in putting the 5 lines of pasta, totalling over 120 different types, into their respective boxes or bags.

Long and short pasta, baby pasta, special types, Iris – Egg pasta, San.Ri organic pasta, Bontà di Fattoria, Columbro – Le Specialità Italiane, 1800 Pregiata Dimora.

Packaged by hand or mechanically.

From the shaped box to clear packaging that shows off the pasta’s colour and natural appearance.

The staff responsible for this final stage become the eyes and the hands of this last, very important quality check of the secrets by Pastificio Columbro.

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