2The flours

Expecting “all our products to be good enough to be eaten by our children” means that all the types of pasta made come from pure raw materials and quality ingredients. The flours selected by Pastificio Columbro are the outcome of extremely careful research carried out internationally, because the rest of the world also offers superb raw materials.

From Canada come Khorasan organic wheat and durum wheat. The climate on the vast Canadian plains is ideal for growing these types of wheat, where a grain rich in protein and with high nutritional values can also be produced in the quantities needed to satisfy the demand for pasta. The Canadian farms selected by Columbro store their produce in their own silos, rather than sending it to external companies that group together and collect wheat of the same name but from very different soils and harvest periods. The Canadian-origin flours chosen by Columbro are a top quality product.

The organic spelt flour used by Columbro comes from the flavour-filled Umbrian hills. The flour from this wheat simply had to become an elite ingredient for Columbro pasta. It is the oldest flour in the world, whose excellent nutritional values bestow considerable health benefits.

Senatore Cappelli from southern Italy and timilia (exclusively from Sicily) are another two flour varieties that quite rightly play an important role in the production of Columbro’s different types of pasta. These varieties of wheat are not genetically modified and are distinguished by their totally organic nature and their high protein, fibre and antioxidant content, which make them easier to digest.

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