3The eggs

From the start, Iris Ghiandoni used eggs from a local trusted farmer who supplied her with the very best produced by his hens. At that time, the word “organic” was not yet in vogue, simply because all our local produce was so authentic that it had no need of a special word.

However, within just a few years, the advent of chemically compound feed and farming industries geared exclusively to large-scale production (to the detriment of quality and animal welfare), led Nicola Acrisio Columbro to a decision regarding the market and its demands. However, given that he wanted to produce pasta that would always be fit for his children, his decision was immediate.

Indeed, just like its flour, Pastificio Columbro has also never stopped using high-quality raw materials for egg products. Columbro egg pasta is exclusively produced using eggs from free-range hens raised on organic feed and eggs from semi-intensive systems in which the hens are free to move around.

Columbro has always clearly understood that the secret behind the goodness of healthy, genuine eggs and high nutritional value depends entirely on the quality of life of the hens.

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