6Bronze drawing

Like an old, untiring film reel projector, the Pastificio Columbro bronze drawing machines are the fine tools that translate all the imagination and ideas into wonderful types of pasta, both long and short.

The nobility of the bronze used exclusively for all the drawing processes means that the surface of Columbro pasta can always, paradoxically, be described as rough. The resulting extremely high quality pasta has a roughness and porosity, given by the very structure of the bronze holes, that ensures all the flavour and colour of the chosen sauce is captured when tossed in the pan. This stage of production by Pastificio Columbro calls for great attention from the staff. Indeed, the timing of the dough as it exits the machine is one of the main secrets for producing excellent pasta.

The other small yet important secret lies in the special attention paid to the maintenance and cleaning of each bronze hole. To ensure that the many shapes of each single Columbro product are exactly the same, it is essential for the holes to be kept painstakingly clean and treated with extreme care.

Each bronze drawing machine is the only, real custodian of the history and tradition of artisan pasta-making.

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